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My coaching approach and programs will revolutionize the online coaching industry, as I don’t just give you a “distance to run” and leave it at that. Instead, I explain the reasoning behind the prescribed distance and pace, and how following my program correctly will allow you to maximize the benefits of your hard work. But that’s not all – after I’ve provided this context, I also show you how to properly warm up and recover, which are crucial factors in ensuring that your marathon performance is your best rather than just mediocre. By following my guidance, you will have a comprehensive understanding of not only what to do, but also why it’s important, giving you the tools to achieve your best possible result.

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How does it work?

Online courses, process is simple & easy!

You purchase your plan

Get yourself signed up to the school, and you will have access to the full marathon training plan, gym routines, warm up routines, nutrition guides etc.

One of fee

You will only be charged once, and their won't be any renewal, subscription or monthly fee like some coaches charge. Use the same plan over and over..


Start your training and follow the guide & use the points system to keep an eye on your application to the training. Never question a days training again.

I hope to impart the knowledge and experience I have gained over my 20-year career as an international athlete/professional to others, with the goal of helping them achieve aspirations that surpass their most ambitious dreams.

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