Running Masterclass

Improve your running online / anytime

Five workshops

60 lectures, and 12 hours of tips / routines

Working with an Olympian can provide valuable insights and guidance for runners looking to progress faster and achieve their goals.


Recovery, Nutrition, Psychology, Strength training and Running specific are the key areas to ensure you improve as a runner. I take a deep dive into these five key areas, and ensure you start working on the main components that helps me progress to the Olympic level.


"Learning to maximise adaptation to training and help your body stay healthy / less fatigued during training."



“Learning what foods will help / hinder recovery, as well as fuelling training / racing. (minimise risk)”



“How to get the absolute best out of yourself in training, and on race day. Not letting emotions overwhelm you.”


Strength & Conditoning

“If you want to run your absolute best you must start to build the strength in the gym to be able to handle a strong training program.”


Running Specific

“With a better understanding of the previous 4 workshops, now you can start to focus on your running & planning the year better etc.. for maximum progression.”


5 workshops and the knowledge to transform your running career.

Brand new unprecedented full marathon plan.

Don't make the mistakes that 99% of new runnners make, and progress faster.