Self massage routine at home

Start benefiting from a self massage routine at home, and tips on how this can help safely support your training,


How to sleep better

Lets take a dive into better sleep, and how you can improve recovery with better sleep.


Muscle tension – hard & soft muscles

Learn how to keep your muscles in a state of readiness vs the days you feel awful.


What are the benefits of cross training?

This lecture dives into how cross training could not only help you recover, but help you get fitter.


Why is recovery important

This lecture takes you through why you should focus on recovery as a runner, and what benefits you can expect.


Recovery tools and how they help

Learn what recovery tools could be useful to help your body recover from all the hard training.


What I do for recovery

In this lecture I go through my recovery routine, and how I maximise training benefits.


Learn to be yourself

Learn to be yourself, and how important this is for recovery.