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Working with an Olympian can provide valuable insights and guidance for runners looking to progress faster and achieve their goals.

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By following a customised training plan and gaining advice on topics such as nutrition, recovery, and mental toughness, you can expect to make faster progress.


The self accountability system will help you develop discipline and motivation, as you’re more likely to follow through on your commitments knowing there’s consequences.


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Race ready, Marathon

Race ready,
Marathon plan.

Expert guidance for Marathon Success!

Marathon is hard

So embrace the grind, stay focused, and know that all of your hard work will pay off on race day. You’ve got this!

Prepare well, race well

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or new to the sport, an expert-guided online training plan can make all the difference in your preparation and success.

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With the convenience of an online plan, you can access your workouts and resources anytime, anywhere. All your nutrition, recovery, running, and strength training in one place.

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