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Level of experience in each workshop

The masterclass is a great starting point for all beginner & intermediate runners and all the lectures are made relatable to all levels of runner. That means if we’re talking about recovery, sleep, or perhaps mobility the information is always made relevant to what could do right now, and how it will help. *You might feel you are “in between” the levels below, this is normal. Every runner progresses differently. Think of this less about your running times, or ability and more from a perspective of knowledge in each area, and so you might find when it comes to Strength work your experience might be a beginner, but nutrition maybe you’re advanced.

Level 1: beginner runners

Total beginner

“I'm very new to running and I'd like to improve but I don't want to get injured or do it wrong can you help me?”

What you will focus on:

Beginner with limited experience

“I’ve been running for a while, and I love it, but now I'd like to enter a race can you help me?”

What you will focus on:

Beginner who's ran some races

“I've ran a few races, and I've caught the running bug. Now I want to race more, and keep improving can you help? ”

What you will focus on:

The Jogging Room - Running Tutorials, Tips & Plans

Why should you get this Masterclass?

Running has a long progression curve. Learning the right basic techniques from the start is one of the keys to efficient and fun progression. Even if you have years of running experience there is always knowledge to be gained. Most runners waste years of their career learning from mistakes, and jeopardizing potentially great races in the process. That’s the cardinal sin in running, and in 2016 I learnt the hard way by tearing my right quad 10 days away from qualifying for Rio Olympics. That was a very harsh, but very fair lesson, and I was making mistakes during training.


*Running too fast

*Not looking after my nutrition

*Zero strength work

*Zero emphasis on recovery


Learn from my mistakes, and use my knowledge in this masterclass to completely transform how you train, life and compete in future.

Level 2: intermediate runners

More experienced runner

“I've been running for a while, and I watch plenty of youtube videos to help my knowledge, but I'd like to maximise my time and all the tips etc. can be overwhelming. Can you help me structure things better?"

What you will focus on:

More experienced runner

“I have a running coach, and my knowledge of training is improving, but I'd love the chance to learn from an Olympian. I want to break 3 hours for the marathon but my last few haven't gone well, can you help?”

What you will focus on:

Running masterclass

What you get

  • Five workshops
  • 60 lectures tailored to runners
  • 10 hours of tips & tutorials
  • Tutorials for recovery, strength etc.
  • Gym, running drills, and more video walkthroughs


This lecture is part of the running specific workshop, and it goes into some detail about ways to get better at running from a very general perspective, and hammers home the importance of making the basics a priority.

I picked the workshops recovery, nutrition, psychology, strength and then running specific because I believed that’s the key areas to being better at running.


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