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The Jogging Room - Running Tutorials, Tips & Plans



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How to improve your mental health for running

How helping improve and work on your mental health could improve your training & racing.


Recovery tools and how they help

Learn what recovery tools could be useful to help your body recover from all the hard training.


Recovery ball routine

Full routine of how you can use a recovery ball to loosen off muscles, and help recovery


Why do we run?

Lets have a little think about why we run, and what we should be looking for from running


What I do for recovery

In this lecture I go through my recovery routine, and how I maximise training benefits.


My running journey & how its progressed

A look at what steps allowed me to keep progressing and qualify for an Olympic games, and run 2.09 for the marathon


Understanding the impact of dopamine & nutrition

Learning to control your brains demand for (eat this, eat this) and are you eating to fuel, or feed dopamine.


Self massage routine at home

Start benefiting from a self massage routine at home, and tips on how this can help safely support your training,


We all share a love for running because it has the power to change your life.

The running masterclass covers all areas that can help to improve your running. Recovery techniques, nutrition tips, psychology support, strength & condition routines, and over 60 lectures covering these areas from my Olympics experience “what I do” approach.

60 lectures with over 10 hours of tips & tutorials to totally transform your running, and help you run faster, stay healthier and achieve some of your wildest dreams. I can already see you crossing that finish line achieving that life long goal, and finally all your hard work will be placed in the right areas.

Running Masterclass
Running Masterclass

Watch a lecture now

I wanted to help teach people the things I do as auto pilot that perhaps other runners don’t know about, or perhaps need a reminder. 

Nutrition, Recovery, Psychology, Strength & conditioning, and very running specific (how to train, and get better). The five most important elements of being a better runner.

60 lectures, 10 hours of tips.

Running Masterclass

runners can improve
their overall performance and achieve their goals.

runners can improve their overall performance and achieve their goals.

What makes my Running tips so unique?

My #1 focus is to help you run faster, but not because I care too much about your personal best, and more because I understand that running has the power to make you super happy, or it can beat you down.
At the very least after going through my running masterclass you will understand what it takes to reach your full potential at running, and perhaps you will understand what you need to improve to keep progressing.

Five Workshops

Recovery, nutrition, psychology, and strength training all play an important role in the overall success and well-being of runners.
Proper recovery of the body after training or competition reduces the risk of injury. A balanced nutrition plan helps to nourish the body and achieve high-quality results. A positive attitude and good mental health also affect an athlete, since confidence and motivation are key factors in achieving success. Strength training can help increase power and speed, strengthen key muscle groups.
Running Masterclass - MARATHON PLAN
The Jogging Room - Running Tutorials, Tips & Plans
The Jogging Room - Running Tutorials, Tips & Plans

Running masterclass

  • Five workshops
  • 10-15 lectures per workshop
  • 60 hours of tips & tutorials
  • Olympian experience
  • Gym support, running drills, and more video tutorials
Running Masterclass

Recovery lecture

Choosing to help your brain during heavy training will help ensure you don’t hit plateaus with motivation, and your consistency will improve a lot. With better consistency in training your race results will boom.

I picked the workshops recovery, nutrition, psychology, strength and then running specific because I believed that’s the key areas to being better at running.