Tom Richards

I purchased the running masterclass and the marathon plan and I’m currently working through week 2. The support videos, motivational audio, the audio guide, is all amazing and the points system is keeping me focused every day.
Thank you for creating such a thorough plan, I’m not kidding, hearing the audio guide alone for each week’s training is a massive motivational factor to just get it done!
I’ve already learnt so much and as someone who has run all my life but has only every done one marathon (London 2016) I am excited to see what I can do this year applying myself to this plan. I did 3:07 in London and I can tell you now, not getting under 3:00 frustrates me. But what I can say is that I was working crazy hours back then, cramming in the training, drinking like a bloody fish, my nutrition was not great either, it’s little wonder I missed the target, in some ways looking back it was a result getting close. I’m excited to see what I can do now, doing things the right way!

Thanks once again.

Paul Smith