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The Jogging Room - Running Tutorials, Tips & Plans - Running Masterclass


The Jogging Room - Running Tutorials, Tips & Plans


Five workshops, nutrition, recovery, psychology, strength work, and how to train. 60 lectures, and over 10 hours of running tutorials & tips from an Olympian.

I help you run better, and faster

Running Tutorials, Tips & Plans

60 lectures

When I decided to make a runners masterclass I listed every topic area I believed could help runners be better, and then I recorded over 10 hours of tips & tutorials for you to enjoy & learn

Tips & tutorials

As you can see from the example above this is an educational masterclass and I'm teaching you the knowledge I have to ensure you know exactly what areas of life & running you should focus on.

Marathon plan

The marathon plan is set up to trump every online marathon plan that has ever existed and likely will ever exist. It covers every single element that contributes to a faster marathon.

Support videos

It also includes full walkthrough (how to guides) and strength routines, activation sessions, yoga routines, recovery routines, and heaps more.
Stephen Scullion

Stephen Scullion

10 hours of tips

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So far 700 students have signed up, and only 2 refunds have been requested due to signing up for the wrong course. I know how good this masterclass is, and so there's no risk.

Masterclass & Marathon plan

Running masterclass

What you get

  • Five workshops
  • 60 lectures tailored to runners
  • 10 hours of tips & tutorials
  • Tutorials for recovery, strength etc.
  • Gym, running drills, and more video walkthroughs

marathon plan

What you get

  • 16 weeks of daily training
  • Tips & tutorials (warm ups, gym work, recovery)
  • Audio / video guides
  • 4 weeks of final touches

What you get

  • 12 weeks of daily training
  • Tips & tutorials (warm ups, gym work, recovery)
  • Guide on how I would execute training
  • 4 weeks of final touches

Our Online Courses


How to achieve a big goal in running

A look at how to do that, and then what you should do to ensure you achieve it.


Recovery tools and how they help

Learn what recovery tools could be useful to help your body recover from all the hard training.


Nutrition advice for after training

This lectures helps support your training, and what you should eat immediately after training.


Foam rolling routine

Full foam rolling routine with support to ensure you do it correctly and avoid any injuries


Using goals to help your training

The importance of setting goals, and how they can help you maintain training rhythm / consistency.


Recovery for the brain

Just like the computer can often benefit from a reset today we talk about how this helps your running, and the brain.


Why psychology helps running

How psychology can impact training, and racing.


Recovery ball routine

Full routine of how you can use a recovery ball to loosen off muscles, and help recovery