Adds the colour to my training / Running

Ok let me start off by saying, I was not in need of a coach when I came across the masterclass, I have one (of a sorts) and I have a mate (head of the club in the UK) who is also a coach. However, if one thing my 54 years has taught me is never to close your mind to new thoughts, practices or an honest conversation. That is essentially what I have gotten from Stephen and his masterclass. His classes have been ambiance, mood music to my running. There are tonnes of racing plans but what you get here in masterclass is something more , different. It does not replace my coach. But it does alter my mindset and might possibly be the key I need to assist me in getting to my goals. I recommend the master classes; you have a world-class athlete opening to you explaining skills techniques and experiences.

John Birtchet-Sharpe

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