Thank you

I found Stephen’s YouTube channel while going down a rabbit hole of watching stuff, the first episode and I was hooked, he’s so down to earth, says it as it is. I watched everything I could from him and started to want more so I signed up for the school. Ok I’m only part way through the recovery section, well actually I’ve watched that section 3 times now, but each time I watch I pick something else up, I’m in no rush to move to the next section, I want to take my time, soak up info and learn from it at my pace. As a new to running, but long in the tooth I’ll never be fast but with Stephens help I’ll be as fast as I can be, stronger, better prepared and hopefully healthier with less injuries/issues All I can say is I’m loving it, loving the way Stephen talks, explains and rambles on at time, he just makes me feel he’s talking directly to me. So thank you Stephen, you’re a star and a great teacher, wish you were my teacher 40 odd years ago, I’d have taken an interest in school and lesson 👍

Gary Funnell

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